GMail on my Blackberry Revisited

It’s been almost a week since I installed the GMail
client on my Blackberry

I neglected to notice then that:

  • You can view attachments with this client. This is a very useful
    functionality that works with PDFs, images, and office documents. In
    reality, I expect that the GMail client is merely leveraging the
    Blackberry’s built-in ability to do the same. In other words, you
    can view PDFs, images and office docs with the Blackberry’s built-in
    mail client.
  • There are shortcut-keys available. These shortcuts are detailed
    in the online Help area.

On a less-positive note, I’ve failed to notice any support for
GMail’s Drafts capabilities. This means that there is no option to
save a partially composed message as a draft, or to even have the
Drafts folder evident. Taken in isolation, this is a minor
inconvenience. However, taken in the broader context of GMail Drive, this
is a more-serious concern. I’m sure we can expect GMail Drafts support
in a future version of the client.

After a week of being continuously logged in, I am impressed by the
stability of the client. It’s stable, in addition to being
feature/functionality rich and highly efficient!

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