7 thoughts on “About Ian Lumb

  1. Blast from the Past.


    I was just thinking that I should stop in at York and see if you were still kicking around. I was’nt sure this was really your site until I read your Bio and saw the following ‘Cynically yours’. I hope you remember who I am. You were my TA for Geophysics around 87 or so. I was just emailed about your presentation in October. I will try to attend but may not be able to. I am with the MNR in Peterborough. I am a Senior Technical Analyst for a big GIS application we have in the MNR. My phone number is 705-755-1615. My email is kevin.casselman@ontario.ca. Please respond to let me know how I can get in touch.


  2. Hi Ian,
    I started a blog on innovative technologies that could contribute to the betterment of the human race. I am starting off from a more philosophical level of discussing the true essence of innovation and will then move onto discussing new technologies and their implications. Came across your blog. Pretty interesting. Please feel free to leave comments or ideas at innovech.wordpress.com. Would appreciate if you could spread the word too.


  3. Ian,
    while searching the web for some info on the Google Platform I came across your blog, I would like to connect with you concerning my work in the Sothern Gulf Coast rebuilding post Katrina and how I am intending to leverage “virtual communities” would love to get your imput. Please send an email on how to best contact you should you have an intertest in sharing some intellectual capital with a littl Lousiana Non-profit seeking to do some big things with technology to eradicate poverty in our underserved comunities.
    Be Blessed,

  4. Ian, late at night here in LA and I run into your name as i try to figure out how to get this frigging blackberry to work. … anyway e mail me some time. Fondly, A

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