Google Office for the Blackberry

Recently, I’ve been raving about the GMail client for the

It’s feature/functionality-rich, stable and efficient.

How is this achieved? This GMail client is a stand-alone J2ME application for the
Blackberry platform.

Now picture this: A J2ME client application for Google Docs
& Spreadsheets.

This is interesting on a number of levels:

  • It’s feasible! Google Docs & Spreadsheets is likely written in
    some variant of Java (J2*E) already, so paring it down to J2ME is (in
    principle) possible.
  • It would close a software gap on the Blackberry. Although
    Blackberry’s pack a lot of excellent built-in software, they do not
    include office productivity software for word processing or
    spreadsheets. There are certainly third-party offerings available
    for the Blackberry, but these same offerings do not have the
    uniqueness that is Goggle!
  • It would be a serious competitive volley directed squarely at

Of course, J2ME versions of Google Docs & Spreadsheets for the
Blackberry are just a next step. In the broader scheme of things,
along with GMail, Google edges closer and closer to realizing a
complete office productivity suite (aka. Google Apps for Your Domain,

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