A Technical Overview of Web Services: An Updated Textbook is Needed

Within a year or two of publication, I purchased the following two
textbooks on Web Services:

It’s now the end of 2006, and as far as I can determine, neither of
these books has been updated.

This seems odd. In the intervening four years:

  • There have been no successors to these books

    no shortage of books on Web Services. However, the more-recent
    offerings are more contextually focused – Ajax and Web Services,
    Java Web Services, .NET Web Services, etc.

  • Web Services continues to gain adoption and continues to

    In isolation, this is ample reason for a plethora of
    successors! (And, as I’ve written elsewhere (GRIDtoday
    , blog
    ), this adoption and evolution has been at the expense of
    Grid Computing.)

Even though I welcome the appearance of contextually focused books
on Web Services, and am delighted to see Web Services’ ongoing adoption and
evolution, I still believe there is a need for successors to Cerami’s
and Deitel et al.’s seminal textbooks.

Hopefully we won’t need to wait too long.

1 thought on “A Technical Overview of Web Services: An Updated Textbook is Needed

  1. Tell me about it! It might have something to do with the fluctuating universe of WS-* specifications out there. Any reference books I have on the subject that I got a couple of years ago are not in sync with today’s WS landscape.

    I think I’m starting to become a fan of POX over “name your transport”. 🙂

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