Cloud Computing Portfolio

An (under construction) self-curated multimedia showcase of my contributions in strictly and Cloud-related computing.

Disclosures Regarding My Portfolios: Attributing the Contributions of Others

Strictly Cloud

  • Refactoring Earthquake-Tsunami Causality with Big Data Analytics: Towards Establishing The Transformative Potential of Machine Learning from Twitter (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, in press) BOOK CHAPTER
  • Towards a Strategic Deployment Pattern for the EDA Hybrid Cloud [Univa ABSTRACTBLOGSLIDES] | [DAC 2018 VIDEO]
  • Univa Grid Engine (AWS Marketplace Offering) [Univa AWS IMAGE | DOCUMENTATION]
  • Best Practices for the HPC Hybrid Cloud  [Univa WEBINAR]
  • Univa and SUSE at SC17: Scaling Machine Learning for SUSE Linux Containers, Servers, Clusters and Clouds  [Univa BLOG] | VIDEO
  • Free Lunch First, Then HPC Cloud  [Univa BLOG]
  • Leading us into the cloud: A new case study featuring The Wharton School [Univa BLOG]
  • The Rise of Cloud Computing in the Era of Emerging Networked Society (Cloud Computing: Principles, Systems and Applications, Second Edition) BOOK CHAPTER
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) in the Cloud? SLIDES-OARS | [ Univa SLIDES | WEBINAR ]
    • Webinar Q&A: “High Performance Computing in the Cloud?” [Univa Part 1 BLOG | Part 2 BLOG]
  • The Top 4 Reasons You Should Try Cloud-Based GPUs for HPC  [Bright BLOG]
  • Towards Earthquake-Tsunami Causality via Data Science: Giraph-Derived Credibility Scores for Data from Twitter POSTER
  • Enabling the Life Sciences: Cloud Computing for Smart People (IEEE Life Sciences Newsletter) ARTICLE
  • A Taxonomy, Survey, and Issues of Cloud Computing Ecosystems (Cloud Computing: Principles, Systems and Applications) BOOK CHAPTER
  • Evolving Semantic Frameworks into Network-Enabled Semantic Platforms BLOG | UNPUB MS
  • Synced-Data Applications: The Future of End-User Software? BLOG
  • Synced-Data Applications: The Bastard Child of Convergence BLOG
  • Cooperative Computing Program Operating in Stealth Mode BLOG



  • My Next Chapter in Distributed Computing: Joining Sylabs to Containerize HPC and Deep Learning  BLOG
  • Docker 101 [Univa SLIDES | WEBINAR]
  • Machine Learning for Big Data Analytics: Scaling In with Containers while Scaling Out on Clusters [Univa SLIDES | WEBINAR]
  • Dev / Test / Ops – Gain More Horsepower by Sharing Kubernetes with Navops Command ABSTRACT
  • Drilling Deep with Machine Learning as an Enterprise Enabled Micro Service ABSTRACT | [Univa BLOG | SLIDES] | VIDEO | POSTER

Grid Computing

  • Towards the Telecosmic Grid  [GRIDtoday ARTICLE] [Platform WHITEPAPER]
  • It’s all about bandwidth – isn’t it?  BLOG
  • Data agnostic resource scheduling in the grid BOOK CHAPTER
  • HPC Grids and The Open Grid Services Architecture (Grid Computing: A Practical Guide to Technology and Applications) 2 BOOK CHAPTERS
  • Scheduling Attributes and Platform LSF (Grid Resource Management: State of the Art and Future Trends) BOOK CHAPTER
  • Web Services Subsumes Grid Computing with WSDM  BLOG
  • The Open Grid Forum: Necessary … but Sufficient?  [GRIDtoday ARTICLE] | BLOG
  • Grid Standards for Cluster Computing  BLOG

Cluster Computing

  • Parallel Computing in Production: The Enabling Advantage of Workload Management  [Univa WEBINAR]
  • 8 Reasons Apache Spark is So Hot  ARTICLE
  • Your Workload Manager is Your Latest X Factor  ARTICLE
  • How Should Monitoring for HPC Clusters be Modernized?  ARTICLE
  • Clustering (Grid Computing: A Practical Guide to Technology and Applications) BOOK CHAPTER
  • Task Geometry for Commodity Linux Clusters and Grids: A Solution for Topology-Aware Load Balancing of Synchronously Coupled, Asymmetric Atmospheric Models BOOK CHAPTER
  • Linux Clustering for High-Performance Computing  ARTICLE
  • Production HPC re-invented  ARTICLE
  • Integrating Linux Clusters into the Grid  ARTICLE


  • Biased Towards Distributed Computing BLOG
  • Knowledge Maps for Campus IP Networks: From Relational Databases to Relationship-Centric Semantic Models BOOK CHAPTER (BOOK)
  • High Productivity Computing System Valuations: A more holistic approach to measuring HPC system productivity ARTICLE