Email from Outer Space

One of the astronauts on space-shuttle Atlantis is Steve MacLean. Steve received both his bachelor’s and doctoral degrees from York University. Given my long-term affiliation with York, it’s difficult not to feel some sense of pride. As Atlantis’ mission draws to a close, MacLean wrote in his second email message to York president and vice-chancellor Lorna R. Marsden:

I would like to pass a message to the York community.

The entire experience of preparing for launch, launching, reaching orbit, executing a very difficult mission and then…preparing to return allows one in such a short time to feel the full range of human emotions. I find it astounding that it is possible to live so much in such a short time. I look forward to sharing this story with you all on my return.

But more important I would like to thank the many members of the York community for my experience at York. Those years were excellent for me and I realize now that they served to shape the balanced approach that makes each and every day meaningful. York University was wonderful for me and I thank you.

You all should see the stars right now…their penetrating warm glow soothes the soul.

From Outer Space
Steve MacLean.

Email from outer space. Now that’s cool!

3 thoughts on “Email from Outer Space

  1. After his successful return from space aboard space-shuttle Atlantis, Steve MacLean declared:

    This has been an incredible adventure! Our crew successfully resumed the assembly of the International Space Station and I am proud to have represented Canada in this endeavour. Canadian technology played a key role during this mission, and this flight showcased once again the valuable expertise of Canadians.

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