Introducing Jott for BlackBerry

I just learned about Jott for BlackBerry: We have a lot of happy Blackberry customers at Jott, and Jott for BlackBerry is the ultimate BlackBerry download. It is a simple, but very powerful tool that will let you reply to … Continue reading

Jott Announces Local Numbers for Canada!

The following message just arrived in my inbox: From: “Jott Networks” Date: February 13, 2008 1:39:32 PM GMT-05:00 To: ian DOT lumb AT gmail DOT com Subject: Canadian Local Numbers Announced Reply-To: feedback AT jott DOT comHi everyone, We are … Continue reading

Jott Meets the Semantic Web

While walking my husky after work yesterday, I Jott’ed myself: Another great work out today on the electrical, you had over 3 kilometers and over 550 calories burned in 32 minutes. Nice work and then some good wait listing … … Continue reading

My Next-Gen Mobile Platform: A Plain Old Cell Phone Plus Jott Plus flipMail?

In April, I stated that my next-gen mobile platform could just be a Plain Old Cell Phone (POCP) with Jott’s solution for “Mobile Note Taking and Hands-Free Messaging”. In so suggesting, I thumbed my nose at the BlackBerry (my existing … Continue reading

Google & Jott: A Natural Fit

The first time I wrote about Jott, I stated: I expect Jott to be an excellent acquisition target for the likes of Google … And for those who like to have everything integrated, Jott would have much more value if … Continue reading

Jott: An Enabler for Working Moments

During his keynote address at yesterday’s Cisco Networkers event, Rick Moran (Vice President, Market Management) referred to the concept of working moments. In other words, rather than blocks of time, for many the reality is that they have matters of … Continue reading

My Next-Gen Mobile Platform: A Plain Old Cell Phone plus Jott?

Will I be trading in my BlackBerry for a Plain-Old Cell Phone (POCP) plus Jott? Will I just say “No thank you” to the iPhone? These aren’t entirely ridiculous considerations. Even for the highly mobile tech-set, the POCP plus Jott … Continue reading

Jott: Now Available in Canada!

Early this year I blogged about Jott. There was, however, one very significant caveat: Unfortunately, I cannot attest to how well this actually works. I live in Canada, and the public beta only supports US-based cell phones I am delighted … Continue reading

Jott: “Think it. Jott it. Do it.”

Have you ever left yourself voicemail? I have. I’ve left myself reminders, to-dos, tried to capture ideas, etc. Most often, I’ve done this when I’m driving somewhere. I use my cell phone to make a call to my voicemail because … Continue reading