Over “On the Bright side …” Cloud Use Cases from Bio-IT World

As some of you know, I’ve recently joined Bright Computing.

Last week, I attended Bio-IT World 2013 in Boston. Bright had an excellent show – lots of great conversations, and even an award!

During numerous conversations, the notion of extending on-site IT infrastructure into the cloud was raised. Bright has an excellent solution for this.

What also emerged during the conversations were two uses for this extension of local IT resources via the cloud. I thought this was worth capturing and sharing. You can read about the use cases I identified over “On the Bright side …

1 thought on “Over “On the Bright side …” Cloud Use Cases from Bio-IT World

  1. Hi Ian,
    Kamal here. Remember me! Just saw your blog. Nice one.
    I am teaching at IIT Roorkee presently (Earth Sciences Dept). A lot water has flown since we met last.
    I see that you have broaden your horizons. I am still in Geophysics.


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