Remembering Steve Jobs

I was doing some errands earlier this evening (Toronto time) … While I was in the car, the all-news station (680news) I had on played some of Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement address to Stanford grads. As I listened, and later re-read my own blog post on discovering the same address, I’m struck on the event of his passing by the importance of valuing every experience in life. In Jobs’ case, he eventually leveraged his experience with calligraphy to design the typography for the Apple Mac – after a ten-year incubation period!

I think it’s time to read that Stanford commencement address again …

RIP Steve – and thanks much.

4 thoughts on “Remembering Steve Jobs

  1. In 1984, upon graduation from McGill University, I swore I’d never own a computer. In 1985, I had established one the first desktop publishing businesses in Alberta, using a Mac Plus that I bought on a Friday and produced my first newsletter with the following Monday. For my sins, I was recruited to design and teach at the first accredited electronic publishing program in Canada, and later was recruited to set up a national publishing unit in-house to Shell Canada. I attended several of the Seybold conferences of the day, and I later took advanced degrees in New Media and still lecture in that area today.

    Maybe not a ding in the universe — but I owe it ALL to Steve Jobs.

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