RDF-ization: Is That What I’ve Been Up To?

Recently, on his blogKingsley Idehen wrote:

RDF-ization is a term used by the Semantic Web community to describe the process of generating RDF from non RDF Data Sources such as (X)HTML, Weblogs, Shared Bookmark Collections, Photo Galleries, Calendars, Contact Managers, Feed Subscriptions, Wikis, and other information resource collections.

Although Idehen identifies a number of data sources, he does not explicitly identify two data sources I’ve been spending a fair amount of time with over the past few years: 

Of course, whether the motivation is personal/social-networking or scientific/IT related, the attention to RDF-ization is win-win for all stakeholders. Why? Anything that accelerates the RDF-ization of non-RDF data sources brings us that much closer to realizing the true value of the Semantic Web.

4 thoughts on “RDF-ization: Is That What I’ve Been Up To?

  1. Ian,

    I assume mean data source types re. my omission? If you have live web accessible service that RDF-izes your data sources types, please just give me a ping or send some URIs.

    There are more posts to come re. RDF-ization 🙂


  2. Unfortunately, Kingsley, I have not (yet) made my sources accessible in the manner you describe. After reading your post, I understand the value of doing this though. Once I do, or someone else does, I will definitely let you know!

    I will be looking forward to additional posts on RDF-ization.


  3. Hi Ian, do you know of a Toronto meetup for the semantic web, involving RDF, mircoformats, etc?

    Would you be interested in such a thing? I am.

  4. I am very interested in such a meetup, Pat. I do not, however, know of anything that already exists. Although I hope we’ll continue some of this dialogue off line (from my blog), I hope that others sharing our interest will let us know here or privately. Thanks for dropping in with this suggestion!

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