Giving Up On Leopard … for now

Got my DVD on the release date.

Had a few minutes to do an install this past Sunday morning.

Spent 1.5 hours with Apple Support. No progress.

On hold with them again this morning as I blog …

Symptoms? During the installation-initiated reboot, my Leopard DVD is ejected. After I log in I see a Finder screen with two disk icons and nothing more.

My platform? A MacBook Pro laptop.

(And BTW, I’ve been able to reproduce this on two such laptops!)

Given it was from Apple, I just expected this would be a smooth transition.

At this point, I need to get back to work. I’ll wait for the re-release.

If you Google “Leopard installation issues”, you’ll get a lot of hits.

I’m very disappointed. I expected more.

5 thoughts on “Giving Up On Leopard … for now

  1. Update: After 15 minutes on hold, the conclusion is it’s a media issue. (Frustratingly ironic since I started this second call with that suggestion!) Now I’m waiting for a new DVD to be shipped to me …

    Under the circumstances, I would’ve expected this process to be expedited, but I’m having to plead my case – to another department!

    I guess Apple is, after all, just another OS company.

  2. Update: 70 minutes later … A new Leopard DVD is on its way to me. And yes, I had to plead my case to get an expedited shipment – even though this was THEIR issue – doh!

    Now, instead of excitedly anticipating Leopard, I’m just hoping I can install it without logging more time with Apple Support.

  3. The new installation media arrived today. I grabbed it around supper time.

    While answering the door to Trick-or-Treaters, I installed Leopard without issue.

    I chose to let the media consistency check run to completion. That took about 30 minutes. However, given what I’d gone through with my last Leopard DVD, I didn’t have the tolerance for another media-induced abort.

    The installation of Leopard itself took about an hour.

    So far, I’m enjoying the new and improved Finder and Mail plus the new Spaces and Stacks.

    And also so far, the only casualty is my Cisco VPN client – but that’s expected.

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