Google Office for the iPhone: No Problem

In January of this year, I blogged that:

… it may be some time before Google Docs & Spreadsheets makes it to the Blackberry.             

In striking contrast, this is highly unlikely to be the case on June 29, 2007, when the Apple iPhone is released. 


  • Google Docs & Spreadsheets is built on AJAX
  • AJAX-enabled Safari will be available on the iPhone
  • Ergo, Google Docs & Spreadsheets will be available for the iPhone

No problem!

ORION’s 2007 Ontario R&E Summit

Last week I attended ORION’s 2007 Ontario R&E Summit.

Although there were a number of interesting presentations, particularly interesting were those from:

Also noteworthy were the findings of the EXTREME Virtual Reality (VR) Science Fair winner. To quote from an ORION-Mirarco press release:

Grade 12 student Alexandre Harvey of Temiskaming Shores in northeast Ontario, used open source 3D modeling software to illustrate the results of his research in developing a method to naturally decontaminate wood waste at a recently closed forestry processing facility. The owners of the plant are proceeding with a detailed design phase to implement his findings, eliminating the need to ship waste water to southern Ontario for decontamination.

Some of the presentations are now available online.