Why Get a Mac?

Why get a Mac?

Here’s why:

I am in UK on a wireless network using the Macbook. What a great machine – everything seems to work as expected. While at York with no printer set up on the Macbook, I tried to print a file. It asked me two questions in plain English, do you want a network printer and what is its name. On the next keystroke virga printed my file.

The above is from an email message Keith Aldridge sent me earlier today.

Keith has had his Mac for a few weeks.

He later followed up with:

Machine is a breath of fresh air after a PC, especially for a unix/linux user.

1 thought on “Why Get a Mac?

  1. Hi Ian,

    For some reason I’ve been resisting the MAC influence. One of these days I really will have to come around and get with the new wave, though. It does seem like they are excellent in terms of integration now.

    A bientot,

    P.S. love the annotations (to Keith’s website and connected sites.)

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