Jott: Initial Experiences

About three hours ago I received the Toronto-based access number for Jott.

Since then I’ve been testing out a number of Jott’s features and functionalities.

Overall, I’m very impressed.


Previously I wrote:

I haven’t been particularly impressed by speech-to-text conversion in the past. This will be the gating factor for me.

I then went on, in that same blog post, to quote Jott’s FAQ on this same topic.

In other words, I had fairly modest expectations for the speech-to-text conversion capability.

Frankly, I’m completely blown away with just how good this conversion capability is – and no training is required.

Plain, simple English is transcribed quite accurately. Even technical jargon is represented with a respectable level of accuracy.

In fact, I’ve had more difficulties with the quality of my cell service than with the speech-to-text conversion!

Kudos to Jott for getting this essential element right.

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