The Long Tail’s Hidden Majority

I think I first ran across Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail last Summer while blogging on blogging as a writer’s tool.

I’ve finally gotten around to reading Anderson’s book.

Anderson ends his first chapter with the following paragraph:

When you can dramatically lower the costs of connecting supply and demand, it changes not just the numbers, but the entire nature of the market. This is not just a quantitative change, but a qualitative one, too. Bringing niches within reach reveals latent demand for non-commercial content. Then, as demand shifts towards the niches, the economics of providing them improve further, and so on, creating a positive feedback loop that will transform entire industries – and the culture – for decades to come.

I’m still internalizing this, so I’ll reflect more before adding my $0.02. At this point, I just thought it was a quote worth sharing.

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