BlackBerry vs. iPhone: It’s All About Market Segments

The BlackBerry vs. iPhone buzz is getting louder.

Nadir Mohamed (COO for Rogers Canada) had this to say in a recent Globe and Mail interview:

Is RIM’s BlackBerry in trouble?

Their strength has been in push e-mail and their devices are very intuitive.

So from that perspective I don’t think the iPhone hits the core of their market.

When you have these multiple applications, whether camera, music, video, voice, data or e-mail, I think generally most devices have strength in a few of them and may have the others available. What RIM’s Pearl will be known for is probably different than what the iPhone will be known for. But we’re talking about a product that hasn’t been produced yet.

Translation: Success is contingent upon market segmentation.

3 thoughts on “BlackBerry vs. iPhone: It’s All About Market Segments

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