Volcano Sonification and Grid Computing

Readers of my blog and articles know that I’m very interested in intersections between Grid Computing and Global Geophysics. This interest is especially prevalent in the case of small-to-medium scale projects (like the GGP).

A recent item in GRIDtoday points to an intersection of Grid Computing with volcanism. Specifically, it highlights the sonification of volcanic signals as conveyed via, for example, seismic activity. To quote the developer of the sonification software, Domenico Vicinanza of the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN):

Data sonification can be considered the acoustic counterpart of data graphic visualisation and is key to expanding our knowledge of volcanic seismic patterns to gain a deeper understanding of volcanic activity, especially when this activity precedes eruptive phenomena.

Grid Computing, along with various networks, is being used to facilitate collaboration amongst geographically disperse scientists on a number of volcanoes.

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