The Cyberinfrastructure Summer Institute for Geoscientists

In the US, the National Science Foundation (NSF) continues to place emphasis on cyberinfrastructures. Of course, such an emphasis requires that the prosumers of such a cyberinfrastructure be properly prepared. To this end, The Cyberinfrastructure Summer Institute for Geoscientists (CSIG) aims to assist with the preparation. At their upcoming event, the intention is to cover a broad range of topics:

  • Web services
  • Workflows
  • Knowledge representation – “… including a discussion of technologies related to Data Registration, Ontology-based Search, and Data Integration …”
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Such workshops are to be applauded, as bringing the gap between IT and the communities it serves is essential for real progress. The event’s Web site will be worth revisiting after the mid-August event as content is made available.

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