GRIDtoday Article on the Open Grid Forum: Post at Grid Meter

In a recent post, I shared feedback on my GRIDtoday article on the Open Grid Forum (OGF). Unfortunately, I was unaware of a Grid Meter post written by Globus Consortium president Greg Nawrocki. If Greg’s response is typical of the Grid community, then I’m delighted that my GRIDtoday article was taken constructively.

Amongst other points, Greg offers explanations for the situation as it exists today:

There is still today a lack of the enterprise proof points and third party validation that is needed to show that there is substance to the promise of grid computing. Organizations like OGF will help, but there needs to be and increased concentration on organizational support, enterprise case studies and direct application of the technology to name a few.

I couldn’t agree more!

The GRIDtoday article was also highlighted in Grid Blog.

2 thoughts on “GRIDtoday Article on the Open Grid Forum: Post at Grid Meter

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